Virgil Van Dijk Invites 5 Year Old Boy To Melwood After Breaking His Arm

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A young Liverpool fan broke his arm during a recent football training at Liverpool Academy. 5 Year old Archie was training at the Liverpool Academy last Friday evening when he ran into a bit of bother. He was wearing his Liverpool shirt with Virgil Van Dijk on the back with pride, when he accidentally collided with another child sending the Mighty Red to the floor, falling awkwardly. It resulted in him being rushed to Alder Hey Hospital and not too long after arriving it soon came clear young Archie had broken his arm and would need to undergo an operation. Archie was told that in order for them to treat his injury they would need to cut his Liverpool shirt off him. Archie, his parents and even the Nurse didn’t want to but the shirt had to go!



After hearing about this his Uncle, which just happens to be me, took to Twitter to get some support off our amazing LFC Family! In no time at all the amazing fans that we have had shared the tweet numerous times, tagging Virgil and other Liverpool employees. There was even a few fans offering to buy him a new kit!

After a short time, James Carroll, Head of News at Liverpool Football Club, messaged me saying that the big man himself had seen my tweet and would like to invite Archie to Melwood to meet him! Now I thought we might get a cheeky signed shirt but James and Virgil went above and beyond even inviting Archie two close cousins.



So off the three went to Melwood a few days later, shirts, balls and Sharpie pens at the ready to meet Virgil Van Dijk! The boys introduced themselves to Van Dijk by singing his famous chant that we have all become too familiar with. He shook there hands but Archie nailed the centre half with a big high five, you can hear the slap!



He proceeded by signing all their shirts and even gave Archie his own shirt signed to his delight. Virgil spent the time getting to know the boys which was very nice of him and then he said he would try and get a few of the other players to come out and say hello.

First Mane came out and obviously the boys had the Mane song ready to go, to the delight of our number 10. Followed shortly by Andy Robertson, Mo Salah, Takumi Minamino and Curtis Jones.



Riley the eldest cousin got Virgil Van Dijk to sign his battered old astro turf trainers, Tyler the middle one out of the three asked Mo Salah if he could touch his hair (thanks for letting him Mo!) and it’s fair to say the 3 young reds got more than what they was expecting.



Thank you to Virgil and James for making this happen and taking time out of your busy schedule. It is nice to see our club doing things like this for our young fans. It is something they will never forget!



You know that old saying “I would give an arm and a leg”. Well I think it is fair to say little Archie done just that. No one would ever want to break their arm but I’m sure he will tell you it was worth it. 


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