Is It Time To Sell Coutinho?

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It is that time of year again were players names circle the newspapers and social media channels and non more so than our very own club. Liverpool are always heavily linked with players, it is part and parcel of being such an attractive and historic club. A lot of names have been mentioned in recent weeks, non more so than that of Philippe Coutinho. For the last few months Philippe Coutinho has been linked with a move away from Liverpool with Barcelona being the most likely destination. Regardless of where, we are here to discuss is it time to sell Coutinho?

It is going to be an eventful summer for Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool with suggestion this week FSG will be handing the German the biggest transfer kitty in the clubs history. That along with sales and the possible Champions League spot we are currently challenging for could spell a busy summer for the reds. So if Coutinho was to leave would it be all that bad?


We have shown in recent years unless your name is Steven Gerrard or Luis Suarez, anyone can be replaced. Fernando Torres being the biggest proof of that. So with that being said if we sold Coutinho would that be a bad thing? There is no doubting the Brazilians talent but since coming back from his injury, it’s fair to say Philippe hasn’t been firing on all cylinders, well for Liverpool that is.


Coutinho has yet again impressed in his native yellow shirt, showing potential suitors he has what it takes at the top level. So that isn’t great for us reds looking at the situation. Has his head been turned? Is his heart in it? Questions that we would have been worried about answering 12 months ago. That was before Liverpool signed Sadio Mane and the impressive campaign this time around of Adam Lallana, proving that Klopp and his men aren’t a one man team.


Coutinho is now at his peak age in his career and if we are to sell then now would be the best time. With Liverpool looking impressive in that area of the pitch and with a long contract on his head, it just makes sense to reinvest. It would take a bid of around £40-60m to make Liverpool part with one of their prize assets, giving FSG a healthy profit on the £8m we paid Inter.

If this weeks rumours are anything to go by, Klopp is ready for life without Coutinho. Liverpool are ready to make a £43m bid for Real Madrid star James Rodriguez. With add ons, the deal could cost around £52m.  Rodriguez is surplus to requirements at the Bernabeu having fallen out of favour with Zinedine Zidane.


In reflection of the above, as a club and its fans we need to way up the pros and cons.

Can Coutinho offer something different to Liverpool?

Of course he can!

Should we sell if he isn’t giving 100% in a red shirt?


Would the money from his transfer give us an opportunity to sign a worth while replacement?

Most definitely.

Each person will have a different opinion on the view points raised and it would be great to hear them in the comments below or on our social media channels. Please feel free to get in touch and let us know your thoughts on the situation and possible signings this summer.

Written by Roy Thomas

Twitter: @iamroymario

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