Top of the Kop all started with 2 life long friends and our love for Liverpool Football Club and we wanted to share our views and thoughts with other fans, rather than just over a beer in the local pub.

It all began¬†with just a few tweets on team news, players, transfers, stats and the history on the club and has now grew into a Website, Blog,¬†Podcast and Interviews. We are in the early stages but we have had the privilege to work with some great people and we can’t wait to grow our fan base to work with more. We currently have a handful of people we are working with producing articles and graphics on a regular basis and we are looking for more talented people who wish to showcase their work to join Our Team.

It is you our LFC Family that inspire us, and without all of you this simply wouldn’t be worth while. So we try our best to interact with as many of you as possible and always look at getting you guys involved on our Podcast and Blog.

We are Top of the Kop.. Are you?